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NightLink: Bears Playoff Bound!

Well, at least according to YahooSports Shutdown Corner Blog; The absurdly premature playoff picture: Week 4.

This is the first week our beloved Bears made their playoff bracket...

• The Bears were the one team to sneak into the NFC picture, dislodging Atlanta. Perhaps that's a little unfair, as Atlanta was off this week, but I like what the Bears are doing. If you toss out Week 1, where Jay Cutler threw something like 89 interceptions, they've got a nice résumé: three wins, no losses, a win over Pittsburgh and only five teams in the league that have scored more points than they have.

No worries, because after the Bears heal up during the bye week, they'll smack Atlanta around on Week 6 Sunday Night Football and solidify their spot on this meaningless early bracket!