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Lunchtime Links: Chicago Bears Style

When the NFL first published the 2009 regular season schedule, one of the first things to jump out at me was the fact that the Bears had such an early Bye week.  But if you were to ask me about it now, I'd say I wouldn't change it for the world.  

Sure, the twelve weeks following are going to be a tough test to stay healthy, but right now the Chicago Bears have gained valuable momentum over the last three weeks, and we need to be as healthy as possible headed into Atlanta.  

Let's check out some stories from around the web...

Pisa Tinoisamoa expects to be back in the starting line up against Atlanta.

Steve Rosenbloom's blog entries from yesterday has a nice, happy context to them.

Nice article on Dave Toub.  Will he be back next season?

The Bears defense, and coach Lovie Smith, are not satisfied right now.  

Bye week equals resting time.  Does Lovie trust his players to behave?

Dan Arkush says that Charles Tillman hasn't missed a beat.

See where this article has Johnny "Roy" Knox ranked in their 2009 Rookie Rankings for week 5.

Harris Poll asks for "America's Favorite Team."  #1: Cowboys, #2 Steelers, #3 Bears.

Non-Bears article:  Woman is playing with dog.  Cop thinks it's an attack.  Shoots both dog and woman.