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The Bears Den - 11/10/09



670 The Score

The post-game writeup from Laurence Holmes.

The saga of Tommie Harris.

The post-game writeup from Larry. 

The lopsided loss spoiled Olsen's career game.

Alex Brown only blames the players for the loss.

Tommie Harris is sorry for throwing a punch.


Chicago Sun-Times

Brad Biggs: 10 thoughts and then some.

Neil Hayes: The Bears are no longer competitive.

Neil Hayes: The Bears were tossed for a terrible loss.

Mike Mulligan: The Bears aren't set up to get new blood into Halas Hall.

Mike Mulligan: The buck stops with Lovie Smith.

Rick Telander: Sunday was a total loss of dignity.

Tommie Harris was a big headache again.

The Bears are clawless and clueless.

Idonije says that Tommie should know better than to punch someone.

Tommie vows to make up for lost time. How? No one knows.

Mike Singletary details how he got into coaching.

Grading the Bears.

The Cardinals feel right at home in Chicago. 

The Bears are who they are - a mediocre team.

Chicago Tribune

The post-game writeup from the Tribune.

Adewale Ogunleye chides Tommie Harris for his punch.

The Bears will probably have plenty of excuses.

There looks to be no immediate punishment for Tommie.

Steve Rosenbloom: Lovie's defense (and his logic) are broken.

Steve Rosenbloom: Way to go, Lovie. 

Rick Morrissey: I know, I banned Rick from the Den. However, this article is spot-on.

David Haugh: If Lovie Smith doesn't have the answers, who does?

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

CSN Chicago grades the Bears' performance versus the Cardinals.

The post-game writeup from CSN Chicago. 

Everything you need to know about the game is here.

John Mullin muses on Tommie Harris and his stupid punch.

The Bears have a very short week this week.

Answers are missing and tensions are rising.

Daily Herald

Silver lining or red herring? 

The post-game writeup from the Daily Herald.

Jay's big day not enough to get a W.

Tommie hits and runs. Hey, hey!

Week 9 photos from the Daily Herald.

Bob LeGere: Tommie should play against the 49ers.

Mike Imrem: Stinkballs are raining down on our deadbeat Bears.

ESPN Chicago

Al Afalava is having an MRI on his shoulder.

Larry Fitzgerald shone and Anquan was pissed he didn't play.

Tommie's punch costed the Bears.

Here's the best breakdown of the Tommie Harris saga - don't miss it.

Sporting News

Our very own wiltfongjr breaks down the pile that was the Bears - Cardinals game.