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Comcast Sponsored Post: Hunt for the Playoffs

This post is sponsored by Comcast's Red Zone.  Catch Every Touchdown From Every Game.  Every Sunday Afternoon.

Now that we are midway through the season, I thought we can start tracking the playoff race and who each team is playing.

Division Leaders:

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys 6.-2

NFC North: Minnesota Vikings 7-1

NFC South: New Orleans Saints 9-0

NFC West: Arizona  Cardinals 5-3

The Rest:

Philadelphia Eagles 5-3

Atlanta Falcons 5-3

New York Giants 5-4

Green Bay Packers 4-4

Chicago Bears 4-4

A look ahead:

Dallas Cowboys - @ Green Bay


Minnesota Vikings - vs. Detroit

New Orleans Saints -@ St. Louis

Arizona  Cardinals - vs. Seattle


Philadelphia Eagles - @ San Diego

Atlanta Falcons - @ Carolina

New York Giants - bye

Green Bay Packers - vs. Dallas 

Chicago Bears - @ San Francisco

The Bears are on the shot end, but could get a boost if they can win this week with Dallas and Green Bay playing each other and Philly and Atlanta with tough games.