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The Bears Den - 11/12/09


....where we're hoping all pants stay on during tonight's game.

Vernon Davis ripped the Bears' D. Day late and a dollar short, Larry.

Jerry Angelo's weekly Q&A with PR spinmaster Larry Mayer. 

Chicago Now

Adewale Ogunleye wants us all to play a game of Jeopardy. Don't miss this article.

Chicago Sun-Times

The 49ers could have had Lance Briggs. 

Chicago Tribune

Mike Singletary brings a lot of intensity to the 49ers.

Remember when Lance Briggs thought he would be a 49er?

Can the Bears' secondary contain Vernon Davis? 

Steve Rosenbloom: Which coach has Ted Phillips been watching?

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

Five questions with Mike Mulligan.

The Bears' D needs to understand its core problem. 

John Mullin: Mike Singletary has a lot of passion.

Daily Herald

Mike Singletary isn't the answer for the Bears. Thanks for that tidbit.

Mike Singletary: I'll always love the Bears. 

ESPN Chicago

For the 49ers, it all starts with Frank Gore.

Sporting News

Our very own wiltfongjr offers his Bearprint for Success against the 49ers.

Completely RA