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QuickHits: Bears Style

As we get closer to kickoff, let's take a look at some stories from around the web.

Bob LeGere tells us that Tommie Harris ranks 533rd in league in tackles this season.  What is his 2009 salary again?

Brad Biggs tells us that the Bears are only one of 10 teams who have not drafted a Pro Bowler since 2005.

And from the team's official site, we get some good quotes from some of our players.

Jay Cutler on TE Greg Olsen:

"He’s been keyed on all year," Cutler said. "That’s been a challenge for us to get him the ball because he’s been getting jammed at the line a lot. He’s been getting a lot of double teams in the red zone. Teams have known that we want to try to get him the ball. We just were able to find some ways to get him the ball last Sunday."