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NightLink: New Website For Stat-Happy People

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There's a new website out there that has some incredible work being done called ProFootballFocus.  From their home page:

What we do ...

For every game we analyze and grade every player on every play to provide you with the most in-depth statistics you can find anywhere outside the team's film room. If you want to know how your RG performed as a run blocker or how your MLB did in coverage use the By Team or By Week tabs as a starting point to locate your games.

For every game we log which players are on the field on every offensive and defensive play AND what they do. Want to know how much your rookie WR played, how much help your LT got in pass protection from the TE or how your defense line up on 3-1? Once you've found your game, click on the Player Participation link at the bottom of each 'game box'.

For example, here are the offensive stats from the game against the Cardinals.

Here is what they say about their site:

The aim of this site is simple; "to provide the most in-depth, accurate and thought-provoking information on professional football player performance available on the web". Each week our team spend hours analyzing games to provide you with information you simply can't get anywhere else. Which TE is the best blocker for run and for pass? Which Cornerback is the best run defender? Which Tackle was the worst pass protector in 2007? It's all here.

We have other data to share with you which goes to a level we haven't seen available previously; our Player Participation logs show not only which players were in on each offensive and defensive play but what position they played and what action they took. On Special Teams we grade not just the Returners but also the coverage and blocking units. Whether it's need to know or nice to know we try to measure it.

There are some great websites that I use for my own stat digging, but nothing that logs info the way PFF does.  I've already got a few post ideas in mind, and I want to hear from you as well.

Any of you stat-driven analysis-types out there who may be interested in doing a piece for WCG?  Let me know!  We can get together and figure out what you want to do, and I'll feature it on the front page.

In the meantime, have fun!