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The Weekend Bears Den - 11/14/09


....where our cleverness, like the Bears playoffs hopes, have gone far, far away

670 The Score

Jay Cutler was reckless in an ugly defeat.

Interceptions mount for Cutler.

Cutler's five picks doomed the Bears. 

Chicago Sun Times

Bears can't figure out what's wrong.

Penalties starting to haunt Bears.  

Mike Mulligan: The Bears need a pyschiatrist.

Jerry Angelo on the blowout losses: Everything is an issue.

The Bears' season is setting in the West. Hey, hey!

Neil Hayes: Jay it ain't so. Hey, hey!

Brad Biggs wants us to apologize to KC Joyner. I'd like to give him something else.

Vernon Davis misjudged our defense. Huzzah! 

Chicago Tribune

Tale of three Bears: Forte, Cutler, Harris

Steve Rosenbloom: I gave up Project Runway for this?

The Bears' D thinks Cutler's apology unnecessary.

Cutler threw away the Bears' chances of victory.

Tommie Harris doesn't worry Jerry Angelo.

The Bears' beat-up secondary is starting to worry Lovie Smith.


National media will have field day on Cutler.  Read what the bozo from Atlanta said.

Comcast Sports Net Chicago

John Mullin grades the Bears' performance.

Post-game writeup from CSN-Chicago.

John Mullin: How fragile have these Bears become?

Daily Herald

The Bears have no idea how to fix things with seven games remaining.

Barry Rozner: Time to give Briggs a shot inside. ChiFan13: Shaddup, Barry.

Barry Rozner: Credit Singletary for trying it his way.

Barry Rozner: The Bears just can't seem to get the last laugh.

Mike Imrem: Why can't Lovie Smith get more from his players?

ESPN Chicago

The D was the only positive from Thursday.

Cutler's INT's were game-changing.

Are the playoffs hopes over?

Sporting News

Our very own wiltfongjr muses as to why our Bears aren't good.