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In the Trenches: Ron May Go, But Then What?

The Chicago Bears offensive struggles this season directly hinge on the poor offensive line play.  We know that Ron Turner is likely to be fired, even if it is simply for a "scape goat" reason.  So, let's assume that the Bears will have a new offensive coordinator next season.

In order for the new OC to have any bit of success, it will all start in the trenches.  We know that our 2010 draft will not likely find a starter for our OL, considering that we don't have a high enough draft pick to land one of the top-notch linemen.  After that, it's a crap-shoot whether we will be able to find any one.

Looking at free agency, we will need to find replacements for at least two, if not three or more linemen next year, if we plan on being successful.  2009 was not a good year for FA linemen acquisitions... Angelo did well getting the QB position figured out, but failed miserably in protecting the QB.

So, if we do get a new OC, how are we going to get him the tools to work with on the OL?  We will have to go after free agents who are not someone else's cast-offs.  We cannot continue to try and pull from the garbage pile.

So, would firing Ron Turner even make any sense?  Sure, many of us think that Turner has worn out his welcome, and that it is time to move in a different direction offensively.

But we now need to be "fixated" on getting the guys in the trenches figured out.  If not, we'll be in the same boat next season as we are now.

Championship teams know that it all starts in the trenches.  And our trench is a problem... a big one that will likely take more than one year to get fixed.  In the meantime, I guess we'll blame it on Turner.

And I'll throw this article out there again... it is linked in the Den, but is a really good read on our OC situation.

Olin Kreutz- 

2009: $2.33 million

2010: $2.33 million

2011: Free Agent

Roberto Garza-

2009: $745,000

2010: $1.31 million

2011: $1.425 million

2012: Free Agent

Josh Beekman-

2009: $460,000

2010: $550,000

2011: Free Agent

Frank Omiyale-

2009:  $620,000 + $3.88 million in bonuses

2010: $1.25 million

2011: $1.6 million

2012: $1.6 million

2013: Free Agent

Chris Williams-

2009: $385,000

2010: $740,000,

2011: $1,095,250

2012: $1 million + $284,750 workout bonus

2013: Free Agent.

Orlando Pace-

2009: $1.35 million + $3.4 million roster bonus

2010: $3.75 million

2011: $4.75 million

2012: Free Agent

Kevin Shaffer-

2009: $750,000 + $1.2 million roster bonus

2010: $1 million

2011: $1.75 million

2012: Free Agent