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The Bears Den - 11/18/09


....where we can't see at night and we move too much during press conferences.

The Bears Network won four Emmy Awards. Huzzah!

Tommie Harris wants to help the Bears win for Lovie Smith. 

Chicago Sun-Times

Tommie Harris: The Bears have no room for error. 

Ten thoughts on the Bears.

A Steelers fan claims a Bears fan drugged his drank and now he's blind because of it.

Chicago Tribune

Devin Hester is focusing on getting back in the groove. 

Steve Rosenbloom: Grossman's dad was right.

David Haugh: Bears' handling of Grossman is more about bad judgment than bad intentions.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

The coaches are practicing accountability by practicing it. 

John Mullin's Week 11 NFC North Power Rankings.

John Mullin: Let's compare Jay Cutler and Donovan McNabb.

Daily Herald

Lovie and the Bears aren't about to give up. Thanks!

Josh Beekman is working to improve his game. I sure hope so....

Barry Rozner: The Bears' blame goes all the way to the top. 

Bob LeGere: Cutler can and should control his picks.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson discusses the 2009 and the 2007 Bears' squads.