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Pick 6: Impact Players In 2010

Not much going on in Bearville this evening, but I was wondering your thoughts on something.  How many "impact players" do the Bears have right now, on each side of the ball?

And by "impact", I mean players that will make a significant difference for the 2010 Chicago Bears.  Here's my top-6 players for each side of the ball:


Jay Cutler:  Has the tools, is young enough to improve.

Matt Forte:  Great vision, excellent shiftiness.  Very young...will only get better.  Great receiving threat.

Greg Olsen:  Rare receiving talents for a TE.  Still needs improvement, but challenging for any defense he faces.

Devin Hester:  All-world game breaking ability.  Exponential growth as WR this year, and can only get better.

Johnny Knox:  Very similar to Hester, but a truer WR.  Looking forward to his progression.  Big things from this kid.

Chris Williams:  Despite rough patches this year, has the talent for a solid LT.  I'm predicting Pro Bowl in 2 years.


Lance Briggs:  Established himself as someone who isn't going away.  Tough, athletic, leader.  In his prime.

Alex Brown:  Seems to be tougher and faster this year.  Really benefitting from Marinelli's tutelage.

Danieal Manning:  Developed under Lovie Smith's personal guidance.  Will be a great safety next year.

Al Afalava:  Tough, fast, technical.  Has faultered at times, but will benefit greatly from another year of experience.

Anthony Adams:  Seems much stronger and faster this year.  Is he even at his upside yet?

Brian Urlacher:  Although he will be a year older, his body is getting a full year's rest this year.  Can't wait...

Sure, there are other players that could make the list, and maybe there is someone that you don't think should be on my top-6.  The way I see it, there are 11 starting positions, and 6 would mean that we have more than half our bases covered for each side of the ball going into next year.

Since I've done more than half the work for them, the team can take care of the rest.  You're welcome Jerry Angelo!