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The Bears Den - 11/19/09


....where we damn near choked on our dinner when we heard Lovie say that the Bears are still a running team.

Jerry Angelo's weekly Q&A. 

Cutler is working to reduce interceptions in the red zone.

Chicago Sun-Times

Neil Hayes: We deserve better than this. 

Mike Mulligan: Hey Bears, running is passe.

Dan Cahill: Is there one positive thing to say about these Bears?

The Bears turned to Omiyale at a key point in the SF game.

Simms and Fencik weigh in on Cutler's struggles.

Andy Reid believes that Dave Toub is cut out to be a head coach.

Olin Kreutz has been sidelined again.

Bears - Eagles injury report for this weekend.

Donovan talks about Cutler's INT streak.

Chicago Tribune

Dan Pompei: The Bears' QB's more the problem than the organizational philosophy. 

Q&A with McNabb on the Bears.

Cutler talks about reducing his red-zone picks.

Cutler makes a big pitch for Aromashodu. Really, Chicago MSM? Big pitch? Way to be overzealous, numbnuts.

Olin Kreutz missed practice but should face the Eagles.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

Jay will be fine; he's just dealing with a rough stretch. 

Cutler wants to see more DA.

Will the Bears see more of Michael Vick on Sunday?

ESPN Chicago

Donovan McNabb still hears the rumors that he'll end up as a Bear.

Will Dave Toub be a head coach soon?

Cutler wants DA to get some more playing time.

Kreutz should play on Sunday night. Huzzah!

Ron Turner: 3 of Cutler's picks against SF weren't his fault.