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Chicago MSM and Cutler

This is something that's been on my mind for a while.

Usually, I collect Den articles throughout the day. This morning, I was checking my usual sources when I ran across this article from Rick Telander in the Chicago Sun-Times. The title? "Word of caution for Cutler: Don't make media your enemy." Essentially, Telander rips Cutler for him, Lovie, and Angelo not talking to NBC prior to their Sunday night game. Instead of finding out first-hand why they aren't talking to the media giant, Telander places all the blame on Cutler.

I don't blame Cutler for not talking to NBC. Not in the damn least. If you read Cutler's comments from yesterday, he innocuously said that he'd like to see more of Devin Aromashodu. There was nothing in his tone that made it sound like he was angry with anyone that DA hasn't been on the field. Then, the Chicago Tribune posted a story (it's in today's Den). The title? "Cutler makes a big pitch for Aromashodu." No, he didn't. He said he'd like to see more of him; he didn't make some big pitch.

I have no idea why, but the Chicago MSM and the meatball fans love to over-sensationalize everything Cutler says. I guarantee that some people will look at what Cutler said about the running game and believe that he's complaining about the running game. And that's just the Chicago media....NBC would find little quotes and snippets and proclaim him as a diva.

Cutler talks with the media, so why are we nitpicking here? Cutler doesn't talk with NBC and all of a sudden, Telander's giving him a "warning."

I'm starting to believe that Chicago has some of the most immature, moronic mainstream media members. First, Fred Mitchell goes and talks to Dan Grossman, which was 1) a sign of a slow football week, and 2) incredibly immature. Rick Telander blames Cutler (and not Lovie or Angelo) for not talking to NBC. Rick Morrissey is the Chicago MSM Official Nonverbal Communication Expert.

Bottom line: There is no need to over-sensationalize everything Cutler does, Chicago MSM.

Let me also make a few points about the Den, as long as I'm here:

- The last time I check for Den articles is around 9:30 PM CDT. The Sun-Times usually posts new stories right around midnight; thus why those articles don't make that day's Den.

- I reserve the right to screen articles for the Den. I'm not going to link to intellectually-challenged articles (like Gene Wojciechowski's article about benching Cutler). I'm a big believer in the 1st amendment, so outside of Rick Morrissey's articles and now screening Rick Telander's articles, all articles that I see in my sources will be posted.