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NightLinks: Turner Says Cutler's Struggles Aren't Vision-related

In what has been a hot topic for both main-stream media and small football blogs, offensive coordinator Ron Turner addresses the speculation that Jay Cutler's struggles this year could be sight-related.

''I think it is totally a coincidence, I really do,'' Turner said. ''It's not a situation where it's night, it's prime time and maybe he's trying to force the issue too much. That is not the case. I went back and looked at all of them -- that hasn't been the case. I don't know.''

When one reporter brought up the fact that Vinny Testaverde was color-blind, and also had trouble throwing picks, Turner responded:

''I will ask Jay if he's colorblind. I have never asked him that,'' Turner said with a laugh. ''I really will go ask him. I appreciate it.''

Dan Pompei also gets in on the action, and provides a statistical look at Cutler's career at night.  Make sure you check it out.

In his four-year career, Cutler has played in 13 night games and is 4-9, even though his numbers with the Broncos at night mirrored his daytime career statistics. Still, what stands out most is Cutler has thrown one interception for every 20.3 attempts in night games, compared with one interception for every 34.6 attempts in day games. And yes, those numbers are a bit skewed from last Thursday's five-interception evening in San Francisco.

Honestly, what do you make of this idea, that Cutler's struggles could be sight-related?  We have to assume that medical professionals would have a better understanding of a player's situation than a layperson, but this certainly has gained a lot of attention.

Some will say that when there's smoke, there's fire.  Then again, when the media is the one setting the fire, you have to consider the source. 

My medical diagnosis: It's the OL people!