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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Browns Edition

Fans of the Chicago Bears got what we expected on Sunday: a complete dominance of a terrible team.  In the long run, it probably doesn't make us feel any better about the season, but in the short run, it puts us a game over .500, and along pace with some of the other wild card potential teams in the NFC.

The defense looked good yesterday for the most part, but the offense continues to show a lack of rhythm.  Luckily, we have some great young talent to build our future on, but that doesn't get us off the hook for the remainder of the 2009 season.

- Many will argue that the QB is the most important position on the field, while others will say it is collectively the OL.  Roberto Garza can still hold his own, but Chris Williams is the only lineman that I think is worth banking on beyond 2009.

- Matt Forte is falling victim to our lackluster OL play.  If I were to grade Forte, I'd say he is a 7 out of 10, with 8 being a Pro Bowl RB.  Luckily, he is still very young, and dependable.

- Orlando Pace can still get it done at certain times, but is not consistent.  One play, he'll have a dominate pancake block, and the next three plays he can't maintain his balance.

- Marcus Harrison showed good penetration yesterday.

- Danieal Manning showed great athleticism, and has incredible speed.  Still out of position a lot, but Lovie Smith has done a good job with him.  Hopefully, we see steady improvement over the year from Manning.

- I'll see what I can pull up numbers-wise, but Jay Cutler seems to look better in the shotgun.

- Speaking of Cutler, is it just me, or does he hang his head too much?  Sees like his confidence level is down, and doesn't show much fire (outside of jawing with the opposing DC).  It seems like the QB would be more of a leader...

- Offensive rhythm continues to be a problem.  We'll look good one drive, only to look completely out of synch for the next three.

- Nick Roach is fast.  Depending on Pisa Tinoisamoa's future as a Bear, I like Roach's athleticism.  Hunter Hillenmeyer is intelligent, but not a starter for every Sunday.  Next year, could we see Briggs, Urlacher, Roach?

- Cutler has forced our WRs to develop good hands.  He makes some throws that many WRs couldn't catch.  Good to see the progress of Devin Hester and Earl Bennett.

- Devin Hester should be our punt returner for years to come.  He is still very young, and has more talent than I can say.  Can you imagine how great he will be as he continues to develop into a formidable WR?

- Craig Steltz struggled in the defensive side of things this past offseason, but looks great on ST coverage.

- Kyle Orton was 10/15 passing for 35 yards in the first half in the Denver game yesterday.

- In the second half, Cleveland's RBs were getting past our front 4 too easily.

- When Cutler has time to throw, and plants his feet, he looks great.  Too bad that doesn't happen more than once or twice per game.

- Corey Graham looked good on ST.  What is his future with the Bears?

- Is Hunter Hillenmeyer really 100% healthy?  I don't think so.

- Al Afalava continued to shine in run support.  That kid is tough.  Pay him more.

- Once again, we saw a run by Forte headed left, only to have the line collapse, and him cut back to his right for a TD run.  His vision/ shiftiness is amazing.

- Hester limping in the 4th quarter after good run.  Is he alright?

- Brady Quinn needs to get out of Cleveland.  I wasn't a fan of his in college, and didn't think he would be good in the NFL, but have changed my mind.  He will be a good NFL QB if he can find somewhere else t play.

- Hard to criticize Ron Turner when he doesn't have the personnel to work with.  Our OL will continue holding back Forte, Cutler, and others as long as we keep sticking with what we have.


- If we are going to fight for a wild card spot, the NFC East will be a tough challenger.  It's early still, but it would be nice to see New Orleans get a win over Atlanta...

- The orange jerseys look great!