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Comcast Red Zone: Keys to Victory

This post is sponsored by Comcast's Red Zone.  Catch Every Touchdown From Every Game.  Every Sunday Afternoon.

Starting off the season winning three of the first four games was a great feeling.  Since then, losing four of the next five has been gut-wrenching.... but, it has taught us a lot about our football team.  We've definitely got plenty of talent to build around for years to come, but we've also got some glaring issues that have to be addressed.

And when we play a team like the Eagles on prime-time television, the keys to victory aren't that hard to figure out.

Possibly the weakest link on the Chicago Bears football team is the offensive line.  And one of the most successful pieces for the Philadelphia Eagles is their blitzing defense.

Key #1 to victory:  Protect Jay Cutler.  How will the Bears protect Cutler? At this point, I really, honestly, have no idea. Luckily for you all, I'm not an OC.

Also on the docket: the Bears lack of pass rush.  Rod Marinelli's big guys up front made their presence known in the first 4 games of the year.  Since then, not much has happened.  And in the meantime, while not getting pressure on the QB, we are getting gashed for close to 4,000 rushing yards per game (okay, maybe an exaggeration).

Key #2 to victory:  Don't let our DL get dominated by Philly's OL.  The Eagles have a ton of offensive weapons, so the Bears defense will have to be on their "A" game for 4 quarters if they expect to win... epecially the guys in the trenches.  Here's lookin' at you, Tommie.