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Cutler Picked Late, Fall to Eagles 24-20

Despite looking awful for the entire 1st half and most of the third quarter, the Bears managed to find their way into the lead off of a good offensive drive and some tough defensive play.  But in the end the Bears just fell short...again.

I've been more willing to put a lot of the offensive problems on the line and coaching, but today Jay Cutler was just not on.  He had 3 plays that should have been TDs, but he overthrew the ball.  How you can overthrow Johnny Knox and Devin Hester in full sprint mode is beyond me, but he did.


Cutler - 171yds, 1 Int, 1 TD

Kahlil Bell - 4 for 81

Earl Bennett - 5 catches for 57 yards

Lance Briggs - 11 tackles