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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Eagles Edition

Seeing talented players stuck on an untalented football team can be disheartening, and I'm starting to feel sorry for some of ours.  For every playmaker the Chicago Bears have, there seem to be three bozos who can't do their job.  

And even when we see some things go right for our football team, at the end of the day, we are who we found out we were back at the beginning of the season: not very good.

- Lump Al Afalava, Danieal Manning, Corey Graham, and Charles Tillman all into the same category: Players Who Will Either Make Big Plays, Or Get Burned.

- On the Michael Vick run on 3rd and 1 early in the game, all three Chicago linebackers blitzed, all into different holes.  Vick's one second hesitation was enough for him to see which hole to run into.

- From the More Things That Fall On the Head Coach's Shoulders department: Getting off the field on 3rd down, and Penalties.

- The offensive line will have to be retooled for next year, or we may see Jay Cutler standing outside Halas Hall with a picket sign in his hands.

- We saw a 4 WR set on the Bears first drive, but Matt Forte was given the ball on a sweep.

- Cutler missed 3 TDs throws last night... all on overthrows.  What's up with that?

- Adewale Ogunleye is very strong... has the potential to be a very good defensive end.

- On the Eagles first TD, Lance Briggs blitzed, and the Eagles ran a RB screen to his side.  Yes, the blitz was shown early.

- Kahlil Bell... got pretty lucky on his first ever NFL carry.  The Eagles happened to be blitzing in every hole of the OL, except the gap Bell was headed.  Good to see the young man start his career that way.

- On the previous play, Bell actually motioned out of the backfield, and ended up split wide right.  Cutler looked for him on a pass, but it was incomplete.

- For all of the criticism I have heaped up on Charles Tillman, he had a good game last night.  

- Every week, penalties.  So, why should this week be different?  Come on Lovie Smith...

- The only thing Josh Beekman can consistently do well is pulling out to the right as a lead blocker on trap plays.

- I like Lance Briggs, and am thankful he is a part of our football team.

- When an offense hits the field for the final time, and needs to drive down the field in order to come from behind, a false start penalty is not a good first play.  (Yes, Orlando Pace, I'm talking about you sir.)

- Donovan McNabb pulling Cutler to the side after the game for a pep talk: Priceless.