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Hot off the press: Bears looking at new coach, GM?


Usually around this time for year, we're all yelling for change... "Fire the Offensive Coordinator. Fire the Defensive Coordinator. Fire the Head Coach. Fire the GM." Well, Bear Nation... your dreams may have just taken a first bite to fruition. According to Hub Arkush on 670 WSCR this afternoon, the Bears are dipping their toes into the coaching talent pool.


"Inquiries have been made, feelers have been put out," Arkush said on the radio station today regarding the initial step of gauging interest and affordability of some of the big-names candidates available.Arkush specifically named former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, who groomed Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and helped him earn a Pro Bowl berth in Denver; former Steelers coach Bill Cowher and former Buccaneers and Raiders coach Jon Gruden. All three have won Super Bowls.

With Lovie (2011) and Jerry (2013) still under contract... the Bears will have to buy out the remainder of those deals before hiring replacements. Financially, if the Bears want a veteran head coach, they may be looking at someone who is currently getting paid for not coaching (Shanahan), as the first year of a new deal could be negotiated to pay out less than the future years... thus balancing the remainder owed to Smith. It's also possible that a new head could assume GM duties as well... making it a financial fit for the Bears. Although, as a fan, I like having a separate coach and GM.

Another wrench is Ron Turner, who could be out of a job either way. Bringing in a veteran offensive coordinator under a lame duck coach would be a difficult situation. So, if your going to make that change, you might as well complete the overhaul.