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Get Your Priorities Straight (and in order)

If we were to take an objective look at the things that need to be address before 2010, in order to become competitive again, we could end up with quite a list.  But, in order for an organization to have a quick turn around, they have to prioritize.

Let's first make a list of things that could/ should/ might make the Bears competitive again in 2010.  In no particular order (because that's going to be your job):

- Offensive Line

- Head coaching change

- Coordinator(s) change

- Front office management

- Make a huge splash in free agency

- Wide receivers upgrade

- Running back help

- Defensive pass rush upgrade

- Heal up in the LB corp

- Get some real talent in the defensive secondary

Are there others I left off the list of things that could help contribute to a quick turnaround for next year?  If so, let me know and I can add them to the list.

After making the list, we can see that getting all of that done before 2010 is not realistic... so, we have to narrow the list down.

Your jorb: Make a realistic top-5 priority list, in order, to make the Bears competitive in 2010.