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Could Mike Martz Really Come to Chicago?

Yesterday, wiltfongjr brought up a name of someone who could replace Ron Turner should the Bears choose to not bring him back: Mike Martz.  Well, apparently, this could be more of a realistic chance than originally thought.

A source close to former St.Louis Rams coach Mike Martz, most recently the San Francisco 49ers' offensive coordinator last season, said the architect of The Greatest Show on Turf might finally be headed to Chicago. Martz -- infamously slated to be the offensive coordinator for Dave McGinnis before Michael McCaskey fouled up McGinnis' hiring in 1999 and Dick Jauron came to town -- is an out-of-work coach serving as an analyst for NFL Network and surveying where he might land next.

When asked about working in Chicago, a source said Martz would love to work with Jay Cutler.

Orlando Pace offers his thought on Martz:

''Coach Martz is a big-play guy,'' Pace said. ''He wants the big plays all the time. You have to have a defense that is sound. He's going to put up 30 points a game if he can, but you have to have a defense. We had some instances like that [where the defense was put in tough spots]. But like I said, he's a gambler. He gambles, and it paid off for us a bunch of times.''

Could this really be a possibility in Chicago?  We've heard the rumors already that a mix-up might be in order... what do you think?  Is there something significant going on here?