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The Bears Den - Turkey Edition


Where Turkey and Football is a way of life.

In the Den

Another piling on Jay Cutler

Bears/Vikings injury report

Not that we need his approval, but Favre thinks Cutler will do fine. 

Some random ESPN Chicago columnist talking about  what Cutler is and isn't.

In the Vicinity of the Den

This year the NFLN will be running an hour long special to announce the 25 finalists for the 2009 Hall of  Fame class.  Get a look at the nominees.  Dent will get in someday.

Lance Briggs regularly drops 100 bills on The Silver Surfer

Just in case you wanted to know.  The Broncos are drafting at a nice #10 spot thanks to our current performance.

One betting site currently has current odds about whether Jay Cutler will throw more touchdowns or interceptions

On an ESPN Chicago poll of just shy of 4,000 people, 52 percent are rooting for the Bears to lose to force major changes.