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Chicago Bears VS. Minnesota Vikings - 2nd Half

Bears_medium Vikings_medium
Mall of America Field
3:15 P.M. CST FOX
Sirius Channel: 125 Opp:  Daily Norseman


It is getting increasingly harder every week to find the silver lining for the Bears chances of getting a win and then do how bad do I want them to?  Do I think that the slim chances that the Bears could lose bad enough that they eat  Lovie's contract and shell out 10 mil a year for Cowher is enough reason to root for them to lose?  

But somehow the Bears have a knack of staying in ugly low scoring games.  If the defense can keep it close, and a return or a few turnovers go our way, maybe we have a shot against this high powered Minnesota offense.  Of course for that to happen our offensive line needs to man up and protect Jay Cutler and give Matt Forte a hole or two to run through.   I'm not opportunistic, but I'm hopeful.