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Vikings Smoke Bears 36-10

It wasn't as hard to watch this game as most in which we lose.  If you read my game thread bit, I just couldn't see a way that we could win without the bounce of the ball going our way often.  Between lack of a running game, lack of protection, penalties and turnovers, the Bears didn't have much time to actually try to move the ball down field.

The Vikings moved the ball up and down the field at will.  The Bears had no answer and watched helplessly as the Vikings converted 3rd and long time after time, after the Bears worked hard to get them into that position. 


Jay Cutler: 147 yds.  1 TD, 2 INT

Matt Forte: 8 carries for 23 yards

Greg Olsen: 7 receptions for 45 yards

Hunter Hillenmeyer: 9 tackles

Injuries (all left game):

Charles Tillman 

Zakary Bowman

Orlando Pace