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NightLink: Dan Pompei Breaks Down the Offense

Dan Pompei does an excellent job breaking down the Bears' offense. There is absolutely no reason not to read this article - it's the best breakdown I've seen in a while.

Follow me inside for more....

For example, Pompei found that the Bears had much better success running left than right:

On running back carries, the Bears went left 18 times for 107 yards, an average of 5.9 per run. Take away Garrett Wolfe's 36-yard run to the left at the end of the game if you wish, and they still averaged 4.2. On 13 running back carries to the right, the Bears had 36 yards, an average of 2.8.

The success to the left isn't all because of Beekman. One of the reasons the Bears replaced Beekman with Omiyale in the first place is they wanted a bigger, more physical run blocker. But there is no question Beekman helped the run game Sunday.

Now if Beekman could have the same effect on the passing game, the Bears really would be on to something.

I can't even do this article justice, so I'm going to stop. Read the article!


I'm just kidding. I'm not done. I have a lovely video for you kids to watch. Watch the first couple of sentences.

First, he dresses up in drag. Now Brett's groin makes him squirm. Not judging, but I have questions for the man.