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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Vikings Edition

To end a holiday weekend with Chicago Bears football was probably disappointing for most, but we shouldn't have been surprised at the results.  We knew coming in to this game that the Bears were not playing like a very good football team, and that the Vikings were.

If anything, seeing the Bears not even be able to compete with the Vikes should just bring us one step closer to seeing change in Halas Hall.

I was traveling all day yesterday, and was having to depend upon the cell phone to get the play-by-play action, so I couldn't get too much of a feel for what was really going on in the trenches.  I've seen the stats, but would like to know more.  Can you help?

Let's break the game down into units, and assign a school grade to each.  Let me know how each unit performed last night, and if there were any bright spots within:

Offensive Line:  Pass coverage/ run blocking

Wide Receivers: Good catches/ drops/ route running

RBs: Were the holes even there?

QB: The good, bad, and ugly

Defensive line: pass rush/ run stuffing/ rotation

- How was Tommie and gaines?

Defensive backs: any bright spots?

Linebackers: Did Williams get worked in at all?  Did HH look 100% healthy?

Coaching: Offense, Defense, STs