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The Bears Den - 11/4/09


....where Carol Slezak needs to be blasted from this planet ASAP.

The Beas excelled with the switch at linebacker. 

Greg Olsen is excited to host his charity country music show.


Adewale Ogunleye blogeth! Don't miss this one - pretty entertaining.

Chicago Sun-Times

The Bears dread the red zone. 

Mark Potash: Bears fans and media have lost faith in Lovie Smith.

Carol Slezak waxes stupid on the Bears.

Jump with me....

Chicago Tribune

Ten ways for the Bears' offense to improve.

Steve Rosenbloom: How will the Bears fare against the Cardinals?

Tommie Harris played well on Sunday. Against the Browns. Let's throw a party. 

The road ahead for the Bears is pretty daunting.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

John Mullin: The Bears need a November to remember. 

Daily Herald

To those of you who say that Devin Hester isn't a legitimate #1, take a look at the numbers. 

Ron Turner doesn't like what he's seeing now and in the future.

To protect Cutler, the Bears offense needs to scale back.

The Bears are paying a high price for ignoring their offensive line.

ESPN Chicago

Rodney Harrison wants the Bears to get Chris Chambers. ChiFan13 wants Rodney Harrison to go away.