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Updates From Practice & Waiting To Hear From Turner

Brad Biggs is hammering out some updates from the Bears practice today... apparently, Tommie Harris is taking the field for the second straight Wednesday (a day he usually takes off), Craig Steltz is back from an arm injury sustained last week, and Devin Hester is sitting out with a possible ankle sprain.

Also, Cutler told reporters earlier today that Ron Turner isn't sure if he's going to scale back the offense this week.

"We're kind of in the middle of the season. We've got our base plays, we've got our concepts that we like,'' Cutler said. "It's just a matter of us running those. Each week we're going to have some different wrinkles and stuff. But the offense is what the offense is."

We'll see what Turner says the offense is going to be after practice. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Although he did not participate in Wednesday's practice, Hester says he will be ready to go for Sunday.

UPDATE #2: Despite what we heard after the game last week, Ron Turner is now saying that we won't scale back the offense.  Thanks for the updates Brad!