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NightLink: Bears/Cards One of the Most Memorable Ever?

With a post-game press conference that will forever transcend time, the 2006 game between the Bears and the Cardinals was one for the ages.  Undefeated to that point, but down 20 points at halftime, the Bears needed miracles to win that game.  Of course, they got 'em.  Jeff Dickerson reminisces:

Rex Grossman tossed four interceptions, but got bailed out by two defensive scores by Mike Brown and Charles Tillman, and a Devin Hester 83-yard punt return that capped the comeback.

It was an emotional roller-coaster, one which had induced me to drink more than the usual glass of milk during the game.  The first half was drinking due to depression, while the second half was drinking because I thought that my drinking was causing the comeback.  

Afterwards, we (or maybe it was just me, I don't remember) went out for drinks to celebrate, and I remember thinking at one point man, I hope I remember this game in the morning.  Fortunately, I did remember, and I considered myself lucky to have witnessed such a magical game, with a handful of my closest friends (read: total strangers at the bar, who all benefited from my buying drinks for everyone in the second half).

It might not be the most memorable for me, but it's right near the top.  

Anyhow, share your own.  Where does the 2006 Cardinals game rank in your mental filing-system?  What is your most memorable Bears game?