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The Weekend Bears Den - 11/7/09


....where we just got back from a wedding and need to get up early tomorrow AM for MN deer season opener - therefore, we're going to bed and you can come up with your own damn one-liner.

Lovie Smith is still friends with Kurt Warner. Thanks, Larry!

The official injury report for the Bears and Cardinals.

Chicago Sun-Times

The Bears are forced to play solitaire. Or football. 

Olin Kreutz's rallying cry versus the Cardinals in 2006 still resonate with the current Bears.

Mark Potash details the Bears - Cardinals winner plus his best bet.

Chicago Tribune

Garrett Wolfe on the Bears' running game: "You just have to stick with it." 

Devin Hester is ready to go for Sunday.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

Hester was a full participant in practice today and said he's ready to go for Sunday. 

Are the Cardinals cursed? The Bears hope so.

Daily Herald

The Bears reminisce about the last game versus the Arizona Cardinals. 

ESPN Chicago

Lance Briggs wants the Cardinals at full strength. ChiFan13 wants a damn win.