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Bears Fall to Cardinals 41-21

The Bears offense showed signs of life late in the game, but it was too little too late.  Not that they played poorly early, things just didn't go their way.  A no call on a pass interference and a should have been a no call on a holding stalled Bears drives.  Cutler had his best game statistically today, throwing for 369 and 3 TDs.

The defense stunk out loud for the first half allowing the Cardinals 28 points in the first half, which is hard even for a great team to come back from.  Tommie Harris played great one play and then put on his moron helmet and got himself ejected for the rest of the game.  Then Al Afalava and Charles Tillman both hit the showers early.  The Bears defense has a hard enough time stopping teams without having to deal with this many people being out.  

More Stats:

Greg Olsen: 5 receptions for 71 yards and 3 Tds

Matt Forte: 5 carries for 33 yards, 6 receptions for 74  yards

Devin Hester: 6 receptions for 94 yards

Earl Bennett: 7 receptions for 93 yards

Danieal Manning: 12 tackles

Hunter Hillenmeyer: 11 tackles