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Injury Update Thread


We have some injury news for y'all:

- Garrett Wolfe is hospitalized with a lacerated kidney. He'll be fine, but unfortunately, he's out two to four weeks. 

- Al Afalava re-injured the shoulder he injured during training camp. He's getting an MRI today.

- Charles Tillman also re-injured the shoulder that he's had two surgeries on in four years. However, he has been cleared for the 49ers game.

We'll continue updating this throughout the day. Make sure to let us know of any updates!

UPDATE:  In his press conference today, Lovie Smith said that Tillman would be good to go this week, but was pretty vague about Kevin Payne (back) and Al Afalava (shoulder).  With Lovie not saying much now, it is likely that we won't know anything until Wednesday or Thursday.

UPDATE:  Al Afalava's injury is not as serious as first reported, and we'll find out if he'll play tomorrow.