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NightLink: What Happens to Tommie?

After seeing our oft-troubled defensive lineman tally another strike against his name yesterday, today we are left with wondering what happens next.  Tommie Harris spoke today about his actions against Deuce Lutui.

I was embarrassed, especially for my actions. I apologized to him yesterday, called Larry [Fitzgerald] and had a chance to apologize to him,'' Harris said at his locker this afternoon. "I just wanted to apologize to my fans first off, and the little kids out there that saw that action. I shouldn't have behaved in that manner, and I apologized to my teammates, and I'll make up for it.

Coach Lovie Smith said that he will wait and hear from the league, and that the team would support whatever the league's decision will be.  

Typically in situations similar to this, the league will hand out fines.  But, the more aggressive acts, like Albert Haynesworth stomping on Andre Gurode, can lead to suspension.

Where do you all stand on this?  How should the league and the team deal with Tommie, and what do you think this does as far as Tommie's future with the Bears?

Tommie's contract:

2009: $620,000 (+ $6.67 million roster bonus due 2/27),

2010: $1.235 million (+ $2.5 million roster bonus due in June),

2011: $2.3125 million,

2012: $2.5 million,

2013: Free Agent.