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A Rivalry Game At Its Finest: Bears vs Packers

So our season was for all sane people over a few weeks ago, and Kathy Griffin has a better shot at becoming a leading lady than we do of making the playoffs. So what are the reasons to keep watching the games other than being a fan of the game and your team? To see how some of the young players look? To see if you're improving on anything going into next year? We're lucky enough to be one of the few teams with a deep seeded hate filled rivalry like few others. We have the Packers coming up this Sunday and we have a great reason to want to win this game other than pride.

That's right folks, the Vikings may have locked up the division already barring some kind of implosion of unheard of proportions, but there are still wild cards to be had and our most hated foe is eyeing one like a cheese head eyeing a wheel of cheddar to shove on their melon before a game.

The Packers are currently sitting at 8 and 4, and a loss to us would really set them back in their final rush to grab a wild card, and to be honest is there anything better that we can get out of this year? Seriously, we lost the first game against the Pack this year, and man after the season we've endured it'd be a nice salve to not only split the series for the year, but categorically keep the Packers fans silent until next year.

So what do you say, win one against our arch rival and fire a shot across the bow for next year? Who is in?