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Kreutz vs. Raji: Veteran vs. Rookie

Typically, the Bears vs. Packers rivalry would mean a lot more than it will this Sunday, but there still may be something worth keeping a tally on regardless.  We heard the smack talk from Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji regarding veteran Olin Kreutz... now the battle may be on.

Starting NT Ryan Pickett is listed as doubtul, so Raji vs. Kreutz may be one of the most interesting tangos to watch Sunday.  Raji started out by saying that he was stronger than Kreutz, and Kreutz retorted:

"No, that's the way young players are nowadays, they are all pretty much clowns,'' he said. "That's what he thinks. After 10 games, he probably thinks he is the strongest guy in the NFL."

Also, Jeff Dickerson reports that league sources have informed him that the Bears will keep Chris Williams and Kevin Shaffer at the starting LT and RT respectively.