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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Packers Part II

If there was any small mathematical chance that the Bears could challenge for an NFC Wild Card spot, losing to the Packers wiped those numbers away.  Not that there were too many people who were still believing it would actually happen, but it is still hard to imagine that we would have a third year in a row without reaching the playoffs after reaching the Super Bowl in 2006.

In six years with the Bears, Lovie Smith has three seasons with a winning record, and two playoff births.

- Not only did Cutler look to Aromashodu often, he looked towards him early.  The first two plays of the game were passes to DA (1 complete and 1 incomplete).

- Omiyale had 2 penalties in the second series for the Bears (false start and holding).  Penalties are drive killers.

- I really feel sorry for Cutler when he has to constantly throw off his back foot, but on the rare occasion he can set his feet and step into the throw, it looks great.  He throws a damn good football.

- Lots of 3WR sets early in the game... indicative of absolutely no running game.

- Yes, our OL is still awful, but things looked much better this week than most weeks.  CWilliams made some errors, but he also made some great blocks.  Let's hope he keeps getting live reps for the rest of the year.

- Omiyale was very similar to Williams... made some bone-headed plays, but also made some damn good blocks.  Steadily showing improvement.

- I like Knox, and I think he's going to turn out to be a mighty fine WR next year, assuming the OL is improved.

- What happened on the Bears extra point attempt?  Was there a penalty on Pat Mannelly?  ( I had no sound)

- Glad to see Tommie doing something again.  Let's see if he can keep it going over the next few weeks.

- Afalava loves to hit people.  And I love watching him hit people.

- The Bears defense showed improvement in getting off the field after 3rd down plays... GB was only 5/13 on 3rd down attempts.

- 13 penalties/ 109 yards.  For shame.

- The guy we gave up a second round draft pick for registered his fourth tackle as a Chicago Bear on Sunday.  In seven games he has been active, he's got 4 tackles and 0 sacks.

- Lance Briggs, despite not having his usual 10+ tackles, still played like a madman.

- I dislike seeing Bullocks on the field, even if he does make a few tackles.  

- Knox/ Aroma's combined numbers: 13 rec/ 159 yds/ 2 TDs.

- Jason McKie made a couple of great blocks on DTs that our OL was unable to block.

Up next... @ Ravens.  Should be fun!