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Anthony Adams Looking To Start… Again


Starting DT Marcus Harrison has 20 total tackles and a sack on the year while back up Anthony Adams has 34 total tackles and 2 sacks so far. Adams actually began the season starting 5 of the first 6 games then was replaced by Harrison. Why? I have no idea. Every time Adams has a chance to play he gets results. In the last 5 games all of which saw Harrison starting with Adams in a reserve role, Harrison has 5 tackles and Adams has 19.

The Bears rotate their DT's enough so starting is really just a formality, but I think the most productive players should get the nod on the first team. The impressive thing about Adams is when he was moved to the bench you didn't hear a peep out of him. A true professional.

Lovie Smith from;

"Anthony Adams played outstanding ball, making tackles, [and] the big fumble recovery was huge for us at the time. Those guys have both played a lot this year," Smith said. "One guy normally starts, but both of them play a lot. Anthony Adams, he is one guy I can say who really played well from start to finish [Sunday]. We evaluate everything based on that week and we'll do the same this week."