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The Bears Den: 12/16/09


...where mass hysteria rules the next few weeks.

Galesburg: What are Lovie, Bears thinking?

Bears rookies spread holiday cheer to needy children.  

Bears double-digit underdogs this coming Sunday at Baltimore.

Hope for the future?  Young WRs may be worth building around.

Mayer: Bears dealing with a harsh reality.  Fans have been dealing with that for weeks.

Potash: There might not be a next year for Lovie.

Lovie explains timeout/ challenge again.  It didn't affect the outcome of the game.

Haugh chronicles time management miscues going back to 2004.

Aromashodu might not be guaranteed a spot in the future.

Vikes Henderson suspended 4 games.  No, not that one, the other Henderson.

Baltimore dealing with injuries at the TE position.

Pompei breaks down the game film and hands out his weekly position grades.

Biggs: Bears need to improve draft day productivity.  We agree Brad.

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

After losing to the Pack at home, Bears rise in ESPN's Power Rankings.  

Seifert: Time to see these NFC North faces.  For Bears, it's Aroma, Gaines, and Jarron.

Billick podcast:  Cutler = Jeff George.  

Similarities between Lovie and Wannstedt? Glass always half-full.

Rozner: Removing Turner won't do Cutler any good.