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The Bears Den: 12/17/09

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...where we send peaceful thoughts to Chris Henry's family, friends, and community.

Ron Turner not surprised by #23's frustration with the offense.

Cutler talks about everything.  Nice quotes in there.

Harvin really struggling with migraines.  I feel bad for the young fella.

Great read: Money involved in preparing prospects for the Combine.
Weekly Q/A with Professor Jerry.

Pace had full participation today in return to practice... with second team.

Very thorough team report from USA Today.

Referee performs CPR on player and saves his life.  Nice work!

Mr. Reed did not practice today in Baltimore.

Jerry Angelo is upbeat about 2010.  ORLY?  Why is that?

Please head over to Cincy Jungle and give your support to Bengals Nation for the loss of Chris Henry.