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Coaches or Offensive Line - Which is more important to replace?

With this season swiftly coming to an end we've got some changes to make on our team and some of them are going to occur faster than others. Now, we are mostly in agreement that both the Offensive Line and the Coaches need to be replaced and rebuilt, but if history is any indicator there is a fair chance that all of our issues won't get addressed. So I ask you the Bears fans out there in internet land, if you could only pick one which would you replace?

Just as a quick exercise I'll add my two cents about each position.


  • We've had a complete lack of a cohesive game plan this year in any single game.
  • When the offensive line was struggling there were zero changes attempted to help until things were way too late.
  • Multiple occasions when coming off of a long rest we came out extremely flat which falls directly on the coaches.
  • Complete lack of proper talent evaluation and building from Aromashodu, to leaving Omiyale at LG, to the multiple attempts to find a FS on staff only to never let any of them see the field.
  • The coaches in place are going to be the ones with the most input on how to rebuild the Offensive Line.

Offensive Line

  • Almost all of our offensive woes can be attributed in one way or another to the fairly terrible offensive line play.
  • Due to Cutler never having the time to throw more than a three step, or a shotgun drop we've found our ability to use some of our deep threat receivers taken away.
  • Our lack of a deep game has caused a crowding of the front half making the use of the TE and Slot WR extremely difficult.
  • An inability to consistently open holes while already having a shut down passing game has rendered both play action and the screen pass fairly ineffective.
  • That same inability to consistently open holes has led to a lot of stuttering behind the line of scrimmage and even more tackles for loss.