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The Bears Den: 12/02/09


Where we're glad we get to play the Rams this Sunday.

Lance Briggs won't practice Wednesday, and is questionable for Sunday.

Brad Biggs answers reader mail... lots of Lovie issues.

Mike Mulligan: Only goal left is to evaluate the youth.

Potash: Could "super" coach turn team around?

Bears respond to Urlacher's comments.

Rozner: Rivera and Harbaugh should be on the Bears list.

Hall of Fame Semi-Finalists: Could this be the year for Dent?

Pace may not be able to go Sunday.  Why is Shaffer the only backup OT on our roster?

Imrem: Lovie needs some vocal support from his bosses.

Something similar in the Bears and Rams: Turnovers.

The World's Strongest Beer: BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin

The next offensive lineman to be drafted by the Bears has been found at FSU.