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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Ravens Edition

There's no way to spin the math... the Chicago Bears have lost eight of their last ten games, and their last three wins have come against the Rams, Browns, and Lions.  Ouch.

Up next, we have the Vikings, who were manhandled by the Panthers last night.  I do know that Lovie Smith has never been swept by the Packers and Vikes in the same year, but I'll have to go back and see the last time it happened at all for the Bears.  Something tells me it's been quite a while.

- Danieal Manning looks really fast when returning kickoffs.  He also seems like he could be very shifty, but has a straight-ahead approach to his returns.

- Chicago's first 2 offensive possessions: INTs; Baltimore's first 2 possessions: TDs.  Hard to compete when that happens so early.

- Hunter Hillenmeyer tries really hard at MLB, but has no business being a starter in the NFL.

- Ray Rice is good.

- Matt Forte ran hard yesterday... feet were churning, shoulder dropped low.  Looked pretty good.

- Our OL looked pretty damn improved yesterday.  Don't read that as a compliment, because they still were bad, but they looked better than usual.  Chris Williams will be a great LT, and I am curious at how Frank Omiyale will do at RT next season.

- The Bears really want to get the ball into Greg Olsen's hands, from fade routes in the end zone, to quick hits after he's lined up in the back field.  I'd like to see him either in the slot or split wide in some 4WR sets.  Put Cutler in shotgun, and run a hurry-up offense. 

- Also on Olsen, he loves to ask for pas interference calls.

- Speaking of our QB, his back-footed throws look awful.  Even when there's no pressure, he tends to throw off his back foot.  That is a coaching thing.

- Another missed FG by a Bears opponent... I need to check on the numbers of the last few years on the frequency of that.  Something tells me we are near the top of the NFL in that category.

- Penalties were finally not a factor against the Bears this week.  Unfortunately, turnovers were.

- Tough to hear about Ogunleye's leg.  I wonder what his future with the Bears will hold?  Tommie is lobbying for the Bears to keep him.

- Devin Aromashodu was targeted 10 times yesterday.  He caught 2 passes.

- Tim Shaw is a beast.

- Brett Favre refused to be pulled by Brad Childress yesterday.  LOL.

- What did y'all notice in yesterday's game?