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Will Lovie Smith be the coach in 2010?

Wcg_thumb_poll_medium Jerry Angelo made some pretty interesting comments regarding the story about Lovie Smith remaining with the Bears. This exchange really caught my eye:

Just to clarify, the one thing you can't say, and again to address the speculation, is that Lovie will definitely be back next year?

All I'm saying, guys, is that at the end of the year we sit and we evaluate everything. That's all I'm saying. Where you run with that, how you talk about it, you're going to say what you want, you're going to spin it the way you want to spin it, I'm just telling you right now that at the end of the year, we will evaluate everything.

Not to be argumentative, but if you said he'll be back we couldn't spin that any other way.

You got the point of my answer.

So you're saying there's a chance? Do you think Lovie Smith will be back next year (not what you want to happen, but what you think will happen)?

The Bears will receive a nice little money windfall from the termination of the supplemental revenue sharing program. LINK

The Bears are bad this year, they have no 1st or 2nd round draft pick, they're looking at a tough year next year too.

The Bears played the AFC North and NFC West this year. On the schedule for next year (in the rotation) are the NFC East and AFC East. The big spenders, big revenue teams are in those 2 divisions. With the uncapped year probably on its way, those teams, which all of them except maybe Buffalo are probably better than the Bears, will no doubt improve. The arrow for Green Bay and Minnesota is pointing up. The 3rd place teams in the NFC West and South are Carolina and Seattle, we would also have these 2 on our schedule. Where do the Bears find 4 wins next year? What's the point of firing Lovie if that's your future? Or is it better to cut bait now and get some coaches who can teach Jay and the rest of these clowns how to play NFL quality football?