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A Break From the Hysteria- Top 10 Chicago Lists

To try and navigate around the interwebs and find anything noteworthy about the Chicago Bears that is not centered around firing Lovie Smith and/or Jerry Angelo can be quite a task.  We realize that people are fired up right now, but sometimes you just need a break from all of the outcries and dire curses. 

If only for a few moments, we bring you that opportunity.  ESPNChicago has put together some top-10 lists that focus on the Bears, other professional teams in the city, and even athletes from Chicago who play for other city's teams. We'll post the top-10 Bears players from this decade, but make sure you check out the other lists as well if you have time.

10- Ruben Brown

9- Charles Tillman

8- Thomas Jones

7- Tommie Harris

6- Marty Booker

5- Devin Hester

4- Mike Brown

3- Lance Briggs

2- Olin Kreutz

1- Brian Urlacher

Also listed are the top-10 Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, Fire; top-10 games, and top-10 players from Chicago.

Thoughts?  (besides the fact that we should fire Lovie)