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The Bears Den: 12/22/09


...where we understand why nepotism is usually a bad idea.


Lovie Smith focusing on next game, not job security.

Lester's most recent post at Sporting News.  Nice article!

Potash: First order of business... Get Randy Moss.  Probably not dude.

Brad Biggs: Kreutz calls for organizational overhaul.

RosenBlog: Waxing poetic as usual.  Everybody panic.

Ogunleye out for the year.  Will he return in 2010 as a Bear?

Billboard going up in Chicago.  Let your voices be heard.

Morrissey: The Lovie and Jerry Show not worth watching.  But yet, you can't look away.

NFP: Cutler a bust?  This season, yes.  Next year?  Better not be.

Shanahan waiting to see what happens in Chicago before making decision in Washington?

Seifert's Third and One.

You'll never guess who the Toronto Raptors are hiring to perform on their Fan Night in a few weeks. 

Video: The Great Snowball Fight of 2009.