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Should Bears Fans Have Faith in Their Management? Vol. IV

At three different points this year (March, May, October), we polled our readers to find out how much faith we all had in the management team of the Chicago Bears.

March focused on the addition of Rod Marinelli to our coaching staff, and talked about how average we looked as a team. You can view the numbers here.

May's article took into account the acquisition of Jay Cutler, as well as the free agent signings on our offensive line. The numbers were quite better the second time around. View them here.

Then, in October, we took a look at how we felt about our management while our team was sitting at 3-1, including a win over the defending Super Bowl champs. Results here.

With 2 games left in the 2009 season, let's see how everyone feels right now, and how the numbers might stack up against previous polls.