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The Bears Den: 12/23/09


...where Bob Babich's job (LB coach) might actually be safe.

This week's ESPN Power Rankings.  Even Oakland is ranked higher than us.

Bennett hopes Cutler will throw for 600 yards against Minnesota.  Me too, Earl.

Pompei hands out his weekly grades for he previous game.  High: OL at 5.5.  Low: Safety and QB at 0.

Briggs questions how effective his own leadership is. 

Pompei, however, says Briggs is MVP of this season. 

RosenBlog: Maybe Angelo doesn't even have a vote to cast.

A. Brown talks about the defense and about Ogunleye.

Morrissey talks about Lovie and Cutler.  Everybody panic.

Mark Bradley unemployed + other former Bears as well.  Ifuwanna sighting in 3..2..1..

An almost complete 2010 schedule for the NFC North.  Almost.

I am really starting to like Seifert more and more.  Good read on Favre and Childress.

MJ suing grocers.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use his likeness without his permission.

The best (page 1) and worst (page 2) Christmas specials of all time.

Here's the billboard people paid for.  That's certainly one approach to getting your voice heard.

Bears billboard begs McCaskey family for change