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Aromashodu Sticking Up for Cutler

In a QB/ WR marriage that was bound to happen at some point, Devin Aromashodu and Jay Cutler have finally had a couple of weeks to see how well they work together.

In the game against Green Bay, the results were pretty good, but last week, not as much.

Aromashodu talked about Cutler, and the game film from last week.

Cutler's final pass of the game was intercepted by Foxworth. The pocket broke down and Cutler moved to his left before throwing too short for Aromashodu. There was nothing he could have done to break the pass up. But it was another example of the quarterback and a young receiver not being on the same page when it comes to scramble rules.

"That was kind of a busted play,'' Aromashodu said. "Looking over the film, we went over it, I should have stretched the field a little bit more. I should have gone vertical on that, and once again that is on me."

It will be interesting to see how much playing time Aromashodu will get should Devin Hester return against the Vikings.  But we know that Cutler probably wants to see him on the field.

Someone on this website mentioned something after the Green Bay game that I thought was very interesting (I don't remember who said it)... they said that Cutler throwing to Aromashodu the first two plays of the game may have been his way of communicating to the Bears that he really wants to see the kid more.