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Fan raises enough money for "Fire Lovie Smith" billboard


A website called Bear Fans United was set up in recent weeks, with the goal of raising enough donations via PayPal to erect a billboard advertisement in Arlington Heights. Well, the group has met their goal, and the billboard is being put up today! The billboard itself was donated by a fan, and the website raised $3,000 to pay for the ad creation and installation. The billboard reads "Do the right thing. Hire an entirely new coaching staff and general manager."

However... Bear Fans United isn't about to stop there. They are trying to raise an additional $4,500 for a newspaper advertisement.

We are fortunate to have some very talented people who are willing to donate their time to help us develop a professional full page ad to be displayed in one of the big two newspapers in Chicago.  The cost for us will be 4,500 dollars.  The ad will run Monday, December 28th when the Vikings come to town to play our beloved Chicago Bears.

  So... here's your chance fellow Bear fans and WCG readers. You want to make a difference, then make a donation.