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The Bears Den: 12/24/09


...where we bring you the Wiki page for Tryptophan.

#23 was back at practice Wednesday... Briggs sat out.

Complete injury reports for both teams.  Extra day of healing may come in handy.

Vike's Allen sees improvement in Cutler.  Apparently, they're buddies.

Will Lovie Smith turn off the heat in Minny's locker room Monday? 

Think Cutler is worried about criticisms?  Just look at the picture.

Favre and Chilly are back to being BFFs again.  

Weekly Q/A with Professor Jerry.  Not as laid back as a few weeks ago.

A. Brown asked if defense is outdated.  "This scheme has been going on for 30 years or 40 years...Now it's over? No."

Chicago/ Minny Game Capsule from Sporting News.

Seifert's Draft Rewind for the NFC North.